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Our translation rates are calculated on the basis of standard pages (one standard page equals 1,800 characters with spaces).
The minimum rate is 0.5 standard pages.
The price includes proofreading and a pre-delivery review. Texts that have been translated into a foreign language are reviewed by a native speaker, which raises the price.

Our basic prices are provided below. It is important that the text that is to be translated is understood before agreeing upon the specific work to be carried out, along with the deadline and price.

Written translation 1 page price
english-estonian 17€
german-estonian 17€
french-estonian 17€
russian-estonian 17€
latvian-estonian 19€
lithuanian-estonian 19€
polish-estonian 19€
swedish-estonian 20€
finnish-estonian 22€
norwegian-estonian 22€
dutch-estonian 22€
estonian-english 20€
estonian-french 20€
estonian-german 20€
estonian-russian 20€
estonian-latvian 20€
estonian-lithuanian 20€
estonian-polish 20€
estonian-dutch 22€
Editing in estonian 3-5€ per page
Editing in foreign 5€ per page

We also offer translations from one foreign language into another, and other possible language combinations. Feel free to contact us!
Express translation (more than five pages a day) 50% to 100%. A specific project and a specific agreement. +We always try to accommodate the needs of our customers and work out the best solutions for the smooth and timely completion of any project, but we also value the work of our translators, proofreaders, and editors. This is why our prices cannot be low – but they certainly are reasonable.
We appreciate our loyal customers and offer them a discount.

Interpretation: prices upon agreement.